Thank you for joining the Toni Morrison Novel Challenge. There are so many lenses through which we can experience Morrison’s collection of work, and we look forward to trying as many of them on as possible. Is there a particular lens you want to read the whole series from?( i.e. Messages from the Ancestors, Women and children, a guide to individual and collective healing) Do you want to just allow the experience to carry you through the year? However you take this journey, it will speak to your soul and to your memory. It may even transform you as an ever evolving person, writer, thinker, reader, parent, teacher,creator.

Please let’s be aware of and respectful of each others potential emotional triggers. There is great sadness and pain in these stories and it is a sadness and pain that we share collectively. Our culture is still in a place of silence around many of the themes examined in Morrison’s work. Therefore we are all subject to being triggered in some way as we move deeper into the stories and lives presented to our wide open imaginations.

As I read through Ms. Morrison’s collection I am compelled to see myself, my family, my community, my flaws and fears and violence and pain, my strengths and triumphs and vision and power. To all of us embarking on this journey through our wounded past, may we come out stronger, wiser, lighter, and Fly-er.

There will be various discussion questions posted throughout the challenge.  Participating by answering one question is plenty, and if you are moved to do more,  Lagniappe!  Let’s stay in touch and comment and support one another along this literary journey into our past that will deliver us into our futures. 

- Dr. g. Love