MelaNated Writers present: THE LITERARY JOOK JOINT
for | July 13, 2012
The MelaNated Writers Group will present the second installment of its three-part summer reading series this Saturday, July 14, at 4 p.m. at Cafe Treme (1501 St. Philip St., at Villere).

Literary Jook Joint
for Invade NOLA | July 12, 2012
Few can dispute New Orleans’ literary reputation–Tennessee Williams, William Faulkner, Kate Chopin, and Truman Capote are amongst the writers who have produced canonical works in the Crescent City. There has been a recent resurgence of the written word in New Orleans. MelaNated Writers is a contemporary incarnation of previous black artist collectives in New Orleans…

‘MelaNated Writers Collective’ showcases NOLA’s writers of color at ‘Summer Reading Series’
By Jamie Amos
for | July 11, 2012
There’s no denying that one of the greatest draws for transplants to our city is its emphasis on community. The writing communities in New Orleans are no different. However, as vast and varied as they may be, many writers of color were once looking for a supportive space to hone their craft.

Melanated Writers Collective and Little Free Libraries
By Susan Larson
for WWNO | July 10, 2012
This week on The Reading Life, meet members of the Melanated Writers Collective, an alliance of writers of color celebrating two years of working together. Kelly Harris and Neil Ranu talk about the importance of writerly support. And Linda Prout gives an update on the way Little Free Libraries are popping up all over our city.

Interview with Geryll Robinson with the Melanated Writers Collective
from WTUL News and Views | July 02, 2012
Gahiji Barrow interviews Geryll Robinson, member of the Melanated Writers Collective and a writer, artist, napropath and reiki master teacher.

‘Ain’t Is a Real Word:’ The Rise of the MelaNated Writers Collective [Culturelicious]
By Kristina Robinson | June 05, 2012
In the few years preceding my acceptance into a Master of Fine Arts program in Creative Writing, I had been a Katrina refugee, had a baby, grieved the death of his father and more. I had a thick skin and a lot to say. I couldn’t think of a better time to dedicate myself to my writing. I felt prepared to be critiqued. I was self-aware and detached from taking criticism of my work personally. I had done this as an undergraduate; it was all constructive; I was ready.

The V Side: trunk show, art shows, opera and oysters
By Georgia Kennedy | May 31, 2012
FRIDAY / Artful Riffing: Artist Dario Robleto is a storyteller of sorts, with his narrative being woven through the actual making of a sculpture. Robleto will lecture on his NOMA exhibition Prelives of the Blues, which focuses on “the transference of music across multiple generations.” The exhibition was inspired by New Orleans visits for music inquiry., and features old and new pieces of his signature, highly meaningful materials. Additionally Friday night (NOMA seems to always offer two-fers and three-fers!), the MelaNated Writers, a collective of writers of color in genres from fiction to screenwriting and memoir to poetry, will read selections of their work in an event entitled “A MelaNated Summer.” Friday, June 1, Dario Robleto lecture 6 pm; A MelaNated Summer, 7 pm, NOMA, 1 Diboll Circle, Mid City.

Etalk with Chad Smith
Chad Smith | May 29, 2012
for WBOK 1230 AM

Preview: The MelaNated Writers summer reading series
By Cate Czarnecki | May 29, 2012
Like most things in New Orleans, the men and women of the MelaNated Writers collective aren’t simply just writers—among them you will find musicians, students, journalists, lawyers, professors, activists, and citizens who live and work in a city where some were born but ultimately all have chosen to call home.

N.O.-based Black writers group to celebrate two-year milestone
Staff Reports | May 28, 2012 – June 4, 2012
for The Louisiana Weekly
A New Orleans-based minority writers group is hosting a series of public readings this summer in celebration of its two-year anniversary. The group, MelaNated Writers Collective, plans to begin its summer reading series Friday, June 1, at the New Orleans Museum of Art as part of the museum’s Where Y’Art? program.

Local writers group prepares for summer series
By Mason Harrison | May 25, 2012
A small contingent of New Orleans-based writers of color is showcasing its collective talent this summer with a June 1 kick-off of the group’s long-awaited three-part reading series at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA). The group’s debut follows two years of honing, crafting and sharing the art of wordsmithing among its members who range in emphasis from screenwriting to fiction to performance poetry.